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Through our web portal thousands of customers from different countries book daily for 1 day tours and car rentals. It is an opportunity for cab vendors to expand their business.

If you are a car rental company, small or big, and you want to increase the volume of your car rental reservations, you are welcome to join our car rental partner network. has big affiliates and reseller network worldwide, who sends high amount of car bookings, in different cities and destinations.

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  • No risk at all. Guests directly call you and confirm the booking on phone or through online booking portal.
  • Guest pay directly to you!
  • Increase in your car rental sales
  • Smart reservation procedure for confirming, through phone, e-mail or online portal.
  • Guaranteed bookings
  • Our team will assist you, suggesting you rates, car groups purchase, changes and tips

All the above benefits will lead you to a long and prosperous co-operation. You are welcome to complete the vendor application form in order to get more information on how you can become a Supplier.

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