One Day Kochi Local Sightseeing Trip by Cab

1 Day Kochi Local Sightseeing Trip by Car

Explore Kochi’s most historic sites and landmarks with a guided full day tour. The vibrant city of Kochi also called as the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ is situated on the south west coast of Indian Peninsula. Kochi / Cochin is flanked by the western ghats on the east and the Arabian sea on the west.

Get the perfect overview of the Cochin, the city blessed with a variety of tourism attractions only with our Full Day Cochin Local Sightseeing Private Tour. Let it be the sun kissed beaches, serene backwaters or the greenery, Cochin has got everything to spend a perfect holiday. Kochi is the second most important city on the west coast of India and is an ideal start point for exploring Kerala.

Kochi is a beautiful port city blessed with natural beauty and man made architecture and the best way to explore this city is with our Kochi one day tour package by private cab. Kochi is one of the most visited tourist destination in Kerala. The beaches, backwaters, greenery, colonial Bungalows and uncountable number of other attractions add an elegant charm to this small city.

Kochi has a moderate equatorial climate due to its proximity with equator, sea and mountains. Over time Kochi has emerged as commercial and industrial capital of Kerala and is proud of its world class port and Kochi International Airport that has link to many major cities worldwide.

Kochi, the most developed city in Kerala was once little more than a fishing hamlet. It was a flood that changed Kochi’s destiny. As the great flood transformed Kochi into a natural harbour. The rich aroma of spices and sandalwood drew a large number of sailors from different part of the world to Kochi through these bewitching shores.

Kochi is the only place which was under the possession of so many rulers. From time immemorial Arab, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and British left their mark on the city. Portuguese was the first Europeans to land in Kochi. Then came the Dutch and finally the British who took over the control of Kochi and ruled for a long time.

Kochi welcomed, endured and eventually achieved victory over all those and survived till the time with all the glory. Kochi is different from other places of Kerala with its European heritage and cosmopolitan outlook.

Book our 1 day Cochin local sightseeing tour to this port city to can feel the old charm of this city in its colonial buildings. With European architecture and the natural beauty Kochi is a real delight to watch. It’s been said that there is history in every step you took.

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Places to Visit During Your One Day Kochi Local Sightseeing Trip by Car

The major attractions in Kochi are spread around Fort Kochi and Mattancherry. You can take a walk through the historical streets of Fort Kochi and can see almost all the attractions around.

1. Fort Kochi Beach

One Day Kochi Local Sightseeing Tour with fort Kochi Beach

If you want to take a stroll in a peaceful ambiance with the mesmerising sight of sea and the touch of soft sand on your feet come to Fort Kochi Beach. A sight of the beach specially at sunset with Chinese fishing nets and sailing ships in the background will be an unforgettable experience for all.

This is the best place to enjoy local delicacies in the stalls. There are so many food stalls on across the shore. The sea food in these stalls are just amazing. Beautiful European style bungalows along the shores add special charm to this place. This is the best place in Kochi to relax.

2. Chinese Fishing Nets

The Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi is one of the unique and popular tourist attraction. This is also a proof of Chinese influence in Kerala. It is believed that these nets were introduced by traders from the court of the Chinese ruler Kublai Khan between 1350 and 1450.

Other than Kochi these nets are only found in China. This 10 meter long fishing net that lines the sea front looks like hammocks. Local fisherman used this for a mechanical method of catching fish. These are usually used for a unique and unusual method of fishing.

3. St Francis Church

St.Francis church, the first European church in India is located at Fort Kochi by the Portuguese. This historically important church is built in 1510 AD. It is in this church the great traveller Vasco Da Gama was buried. His Tombstone still stands to tell about his glorious life.

In 1503 the church was a wooden chapel built by Franciscan friars and was rebuilt in 1516 by the dutch. In 1795 the British converted it to an Anglican church and gave its present name.

4. Indo Portuguese Museum (closed on Monday)

Indo Portuguese Museum situated in Fort Kochi reflects the influence of Portuguese culture in Kerala, mainly in the western parts of Kochi. Late Dr. Joseph Kureethra, Bishop of Kochi, was the main mastermind behind the establishment of this museum.  

The museum has five main sections namely Altar, Treasure, Procession, Civil Life and Cathedral. The collection includes a piece of the altar made in teak from 16th century and Indo-Portuguese Monstrance from 18-19th century, both originating from the Church of Our Lady of Hope, Vypeen.

A chasuble (19th century) from Bishop’s House, Fort Kochi and a processional cross (17th century) from Santa Cruz Cathedral, Fort Kochi are some of the other items worth admiring. Other displayed items include St. Sebastian Church’s pulpit made of teakwood from the 19th century.

5. Mattancherry Palace / Dutch Palace (Friday Holiday)

Mattancherry Palace is a must see attraction in Kochi. This historically important palace built by Portuguese is marvellous. Mattancherry Palace also called as the Dutch palace draws thousands of tourists with its elegant charm. The architectural beauty of this palace is beyond words.

The fine collection of mural paintings depicting Hindu epics from Mahabharata and Ramayana decorates the interior of the palace. This wonderful palace displays royal costumes and palanquins. The temple of the tutelary deity of the Kochi Rajas stands in the courtyard of the palace.

6. Jewish Synagogue (Friday Saturday Holiday)

Jewish Synagogue situated at the Jew Town is the oldest Synagogue in all commonwealth nations. This synagogue built in 1567 reflects the uniqueness of the Jews. This synagogue is also called as Paradesi Synagogue and Mattancherry Synagogue.

This magnificently decorated Synagogue contains giant scrolls of old testament which is believed to be the oldest in the world. There are stone tablets with Mosaic Laws and Hebrew inscriptions. This historically important place reminds us about its past glory.

7. Jew Street

A famous shopping destination, especially among foreigners, Jew Street is a narrow lane between Mattancherry Palace and the Paradesi Synagogue. The street is lined with a number of shops selling antiques, sculptures, toys, clothes, flower oils, crystal fixtures, wooden furniture, spices etc.

The antique sellers are the descendants of Jews who settled here in 52 AD. A walk through this street is sure to remind one of the Jewish era that once blossomed here captivating the visitors with its old charm. At the end of lane is the famous Paradesi Synagogue which is thronged by hundreds of visitors everyday. People visiting this sacred synagogue need to follow a strict dress code.

8. Marine Drive

Marine Drive, a beautiful hangout in Kochi is a walkway built facing the serene backwaters. There are so many shopping malls and food joints in the Marine Drive. This is a favorite evening hangout of locals and tourists.

In the evenings so many people stroll across this walkaway enjoying the mesmerising sight of Sunset and the cool breeze coming from the Vembanad lake. Marine Drive offers the spectacular view of backwaters.Marine Drive is also an important economic centre in Kochi.

9. Bolgatty Palace

The beautiful Bolgatty Palace situated on the Bolgatty Islands is one among the oldest existing Dutch palaces in India. With the serene backwaters of Kochi in background, the view around the palace is simply breathtaking.

The island has a tiny golf court and also offers the wonderful view of the harbour and port. Located in the middle of a fabulous garden, the palace has now transformed into an esteemed heritage hotel.

10. Greenix Museum with a Kathakali Dance Performance

A performance Arts museum located at Kalvathy Road, Fort Kochi, Greenix Museum is a cultural museum that depicts Kerala’s rich cultural history. The museum showcases various statues representing different art forms. An array of paintings representing traditional dance forms in various mudras and navarasams pertaining to Kathakali performances can also be seen here.

The museum also has a miniature Kerala Village representing the pre 1930s period. Old artifacts, daily used articles, water wheel and various types of farmers’ village hats can be seen here. A significant area of the museum is dedicated to pottery making and handloom weaving.

The museum also provides a platform for live performances for arts such as Kathakali, Theyyam, Mohiniyattam and Kalaripayattu.


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