One Day Mumbai to Shirdi Trip by Cab

One Day Mumbai to Shirdi Tour by Private Cab
One Day Mumbai to Shirdi Tour by Private Cab (courtesy: ssst)

Shirdi is a laid-back town that is popular among spiritual travelers. The modest town has been the home of the spiritual saint, Sai Baba. Shirdi is a renowned tourist and devotee destination. A rural and primitive semi-town located far from Mumbai, it has long been one of India’s most famous pilgrimage centers.

Shirdi is perfect for a one day private cab trip from Mumbai to Shirdi. It allows you to find peace and positivity amidst the spiritual environs of the holy town inhabited by Sai Baba. You will be mesmerized by the beauty and culture of the town.

Every day, thousands of people visit the holy and tranquil town of Shirdi to pay homage to Sai Baba. Adding to its vibe are the lush surroundings. Apart from the solemnity of the temples, the town is also recognized for a stunning tourism experience. Shirdi’s air is so hallowed, and Sai Baba’s temple is so wish-fulfilling, that devotees from all walks of life flock to it. You will see visitors from across the world in this holy town.

While you are in Shirdi you can taste the heavenly prasad and food at the Prasadalaya inside the Sai Baba Temple. A visit to Gurusthan can refresh your mind with the spiritual vibe of the place while Dwarkamai offers insight into the saint’s simple life. Shirdi has an amazing collection of relics and remnants from Sai Baba’s life. The temple town of Shirdi reminds visitors how life can be simple yet so fulfilling.

A one day Mumbai to Shirdi tour will help you clear your mind of all worldly worries and accept Sai’s teachings of kindness and devotion wholeheartedly.

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Overview of 1 Day Mumbai to Shirdi Tour

One Day Shirdi Trip from Mumbai by Car

Your one day Mumbai to Shirdi tour by private car will begin early in the morning and we will ensure you have a great time with your family and friends.

Our journey will start from your accommodation in the capital city of Mumbai and we head to the temple town of Shirdi which is around 250 km. We will take around 5.5 hours to cover the distance as you enjoy the scenic beauty of the route.

Upon reaching Shirdi we will head straight to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple to seek the blessings of Sai Baba. You can offer prayers and witness the splendid temple complex. After consuming the revered Prasad we will head to Dwarkamai. The treasured spot is dedicated to Sai Baba as it is the place where he spent a significant portion of his life.

After visiting the highly revered abode of Sai Baba we will head towards Chavadi, which again is a holy spot. It was an alternate abode of Sai Baba during monsoons and in the latter part of his life. Adding to the sacredness of the trip we will head towards Gurusthan, which is believed to be the tomb of Sai Baba’s Guru. The place gives you insights into the life of the saint and fills you with positive energy.

Completing your one day Mumbai to Shirdi tour with the prominent sightseeing places in Shirdi we head back to drop you at your accommodation in Mumbai.

Highlights of One Day Mumbai to Shirdi Trip

  • Full-day Mumbai to Shirdi Local Sightseeing Tour
  • Duration: 18 to 24 hours
  • Tour by Private Cab (not shared with others)
  • Pickup & Drop: Mumbai Hotel / Home
  • Places Covered: Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Dwarkamai, Chavadi, and Gurusthan

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Package Price for 1 Day Mumbai to Shirdi Sightseeing Tour Package by Cab

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Amaze / Etios / Dzire
4 Seater / Sedan

₹ 7,999/-

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga SUV Car for One Day Trip
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Toyota Innova SUV Car for One Day Trip
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Toyota Innova Crysta SUV Car for One Day Trip
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Toyota Fortuner SUV Car for One Day Trip
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Mercedes Benz Maybach SUV Car for One Day Trip
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BMW X7 Sedan Car for One Day Trip
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1 Day Itinerary of Shirdi Local Sightseeing Tour from Mumbai

Pickup from your Home / Hotel in Mumbai at 5:00 AM

S.NoSightseeing PlaceRecommended Duration
1Shirdi Sai Baba Temple180 minutes
2 Dwarkamai50 minutes
3Chavadi50 minutes
4Gurusthan40 minutes

Drop back at your Home / Hotel in Mumbai by 11:50 PM

PLEASE NOTE: Guests can visit all the Shirdi tourism places listed above or remove any of the places that they don’t want to visit. Inclusion of any other sightseeing place not listed above is normally not permitted. However guests can check with their cab provider if any exceptions possible, while booking this Mumbai to Shirdi sightseeing tour by private car.

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One Day Places to Visit in Shirdi with a Private Car from Mumbai

Shirdi is a holy town entirely dedicated to Sai Baba as he spent most of his life serving people in and around it. Apart from his divine shrine, there are other small temples and memorials in the town dedicated to Sai Baba. Shirdi is a prominent pilgrimage for devotees from across the globe. We will visit the following places on your same day Shirdi tour from Mumbai:

1. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple with One Day Shirdi Trip from Mumbai by Car
  • Must See / Things to Do: Offer prayers to Sai Baba and taste the holy Prasad.
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week from 04:45 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free darshan through online booking

The Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust manages the highly revered Shirdi Sai Baba temple. The idol of Sai Baba and the Samadhi within the temple is carved out of Italian marble. Covered in royal fabric, wearing a gold crown, and decked with fresh flower garlands, Baba looks completely mesmerizing. 

The temple’s interior, as well as its exterior (cone), are gold-plated while the interiors are built with antique stone bricks. Four Aartis are conducted every day (according to the time of day) inside the temple. The rites and traditions followed at the temple date back to Baba’s lifetime.

The Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi receives an average of 25,000 pilgrims every day, with the number increasing to 100,000 during religious holidays. Every Thursday, Sai Baba’s palanquin procession travels from the Samadhi Mandir to Dwarkamai, then to Chavdi, and back to the Samadhi Mandir.

Devotees of all religions are invited to enjoy Darshan in the Samadhi Mandir and free meals in the Prasadalaya. All rituals of the temple are conducted regardless of caste, creed, or religion of the pilgrims since they were one of Sai Baba’s ideal beliefs.

The Shirdi mandir’s Prasadalaya is open to pilgrims every day and serves simple yet fulfilling meals. Prasadalaya is located within the mandir compound and is run by Sai Baba Sansthan. It has large halls that seats 150 people at a time.

2. Dwarkamai

Visit Dwarkmai with One Day Mumbai to Shirdi Tour by Cab
  • Must See / Things to Do: Experience the simplicity and positivity of Sai Baba’s abode.
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week from 05:30 AM to 09:45 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free

Dwarkamai was an ancient mosque in despair when Sai Baba arrived in Shirdi. Baba transformed it into Dwarkamai, demonstrating that there is only one God. Dwarkamai consists of an image of Baba and a large Shila, or stone tablet, on which Baba would frequently sit. It is an important place and should not be missed on this Shirdi one day tour from Mumbai by car.

Another noteworthy aspect of this mosque is the permanent Dhuni, or fire, which was set by Baba while he was still alive. The ash from this Dhuni’s charred wood is heavenly and sacred, and it may cure any ailment suffered by Baba’s devotees and guests. A square stone seat used by Baba for bathing can be found in another part of Dwarkamai.

There’s also a grinding stone and a wooden bowl called Kolamba, which Baba used to store alms collected from the community. Baba would affectionately refer to Dwarkamai as his mother because he felt satisfied and joyous while seated here.

Dwarkamai is most likely the only mosque with a temple! As soon as one enters this mosque, they are overcome with Sai Baba’s holy spirit and bestowed with his blessings. The remarkable and overwhelming positive environment is so relaxing and serene that one may feel their spirit being cleaned of any anxieties, uncertainties, and negativity.

3. Chavadi

Visit Chavadi with One Day Shirdi Trip from Mumbai by Cab
  • Must See / Things to Do: Witness the treasured remnants of Sai Baba’s life.
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week from 05:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 04:00 PM to 09:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free

Chavadi is a village meeting place, office, or court where taxes were collected, village records were preserved, conflicts were decided by village leaders, and visiting officials resided.

Due to leaking walls, the Dwarkamai mosque where Baba used to dwell in Shirdi became unsuited for giving shelter to him during the monsoons. As a result, his devotees compelled him to leave the mosque and relocate to the Chavadi out of pure love and concern for Baba. Soon after, Baba began spending alternate nights at the Chavadi, and the site was sanctified by his presence and regular aarti offerings in his honor.

Sai Baba spent many treasured moments of his last decade at the Chavadi. Following Baba’s Mahasamadhi, the Sansthan purchased the Chavadi and utilized it for book storage and pilgrim accommodation until the late 1930s. The village offices have since been relocated, and the Chavadi is maintained as a Baba shrine that is open to anyone.

It presently holds a picture of Sai Baba by Amabaram, a Gujarati artist from Navsari. It is thought that he painted it following a visit from Baba in one of his dreams. Shirdi villagers eventually carried the picture to Chavadi.

4. Gurusthan

Visit Gurusthan with One Day Mumbai to Shirdi Tour by Cab
  • Must See / Things to Do: Spend time at the spot where Sai Baba lived and the tomb of his Guru.
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week from 05:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free

Gurusthan is next on our one day trip to Shirdi from Mumbai. Gurusthan literally means “seat of the Guru.” It is both where Baba spent the majority of his time when he first arrived in Shirdi and where, according to Baba, his own Guru’s grave is located by the neem tree. As a result, Gurusthan is one of the most prominent locations in Shirdi. According to an old lady, an underground tunnel or corridor is running from beneath the Neem tree to the location of Dwarkamai.

The enormous neem tree is the first item that strikes the devotee’s sight at Gurusthan. When Baba remained beneath this tree for a few years, it provided him with shelter. Though its leaves are notoriously unpleasant, neem has several therapeutic benefits. Some people, however, have stated that the leaves of one of the branches tasted delicious. It was a sign of Baba’s mercy to them, while others saw it as proof of the tree’s extraordinary sacredness.

In addition to the neem tree, Gurusthan now has a pair of marble Padukas on a pedestal, a ‘Shivalinga,’ and a statue of Baba. The statue, sculpted by the grandson of the Samadhi Mandir monument’s artist, was presented by Y. D. Dave and put in 1974. Other items present at Gurusthan were installed during Baba’s lifetime.

Things to do on Same day Shirdi trip from Mumbai by Car

Shirdi is popular as ‘the land of Sai Baba’ as it has been his seat of activity during the saint’s lifetime. The town is replete with temples and holy places dedicated to Sai Baba. It is a great place to visit on your one day Mumbai to Shirdi tour by private taxi. You can pay respect to the saint and spend a relaxed day in the temple town shopping and indulging in yummy local food.

What to Shop during your Same Day Mumbai to Shirdi Trip by Cab?

Shirdi has a plethora of shopping opportunities for both spiritual and regional items. There are several open markets located around the Sai Baba temple. You can buy economical Maratha souvenirs in one location. Small shops also sell travel necessities and accessories as the town is a renowned pilgrimage.

You can visit the boutiques, emporiums, hypermarkets, open markets, shopping malls, and supermarkets to find items that suit your taste and budget. Shirdi Ladoos are a traditional treat that must be tasted and purchased during a trip to the town. They are prepared using gram flour, almonds, dried grapes, vanaspati, jaggery, and sugar. You can even carry them as souvenirs for your loved ones.

What to Eat during your Same Day Mumbai to Shirdi Trip by Car?

Many eateries are located around Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, making it easy for travelers to choose a spot to dine. As the temple town attracts travelers from all over the country you can enjoy food from multiple cuisines at most restaurants. Maharashtrian, Gujarati, North Indian, Chinese, and Continental food is readily available across the town. Other than that you can indulge in local street food such as spiced sliced fruits. Fresh guava and pomegranate juice are also a must-try as they taste good.

Package Inclusions

  • Pick and drop from Home / Hotel in Mumbai
  • Selected Cab for Shirdi sightseeing from Mumbai as per the above Itinerary
  • Car Rent
  • Fuel Cost
  • Driver Allowance

Package Exclusions

  • Toll-gate Charges if any
  • Vehicle Parking Charges
  • Entry Ticket Fee at tourist places in Shirdi
  • Breakfast, Lunch or any meal
  • Lodging / Accommodation in Shirdi
  • Vehicle beyond the mentioned time duration
  • Vehicle beyond the designated tour route

Terms & Conditions

Travelers are requested to follow the given itinerary for 1 Day Mumbai to Shirdi Sightseeing tour package. Ideally this same day Shirdi tour package from Mumbai can not be customized, however if guests prefer to visit different set of places in Shirdi sightseeing tour, they can check the possibility of the same with the listed car rental companies and request for a custom quote.

The time spent on each Shirdi tourist attraction is to be followed as per the Itinerary schedule. In case of any delays or additional time spent at a particular place, driver or car rental company will not be responsible to cover all the places mentioned in the itinerary.

Please also note that if a particular Shirdi sightseeing place is closed on the scheduled day of the tour, it will not be covered from the list of sightseeing places. Please check the possibility of visiting an alternate place with cab vendor before you book the tour.


Is there any possibility to add / remove tourist places in this Mumbai to Shirdi sightseeing tour?

Ideally, no. However you can check with listed Mumbai cab vendors before booking the tour on any possibility to customize the tour. Additional charges might apply.

Shirdi is the spiritual destination that offers respite from the stress of your routine life. A One day Mumbai to Shirdi tour by cab will enable you to experience the holy town with complete comfort. It will allow you to travel comfortably without any delays. 

You can choose from the different sizes of cabs according to your family’s needs and even customize the Shirdi sightseeing tour as per your preferences. We offer home pick-up and drop-off services making the trip even more flexible and comfortable for you. It makes the entire trip relaxing for you and your loved ones.


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