One Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Trip by Cab

One Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Sightseeing Tour Package by Cab
One Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Sightseeing Tour Package by Cab (courtesy: vickysonpir)

Looking for an amazing day trip out of Mumbai?

Raigad Fort is a beautiful destination that is perfect for a one day tour from Mumbai. This fort is an incredible sight to behold. It’s rich in Maratha history and full of natural beauty that will leave you breathless.

You can enjoy all the sights and sounds of the fort without having to worry about anything. Our private car service will take care of everything for you so that you can relax and have a great time.

Book your one day Mumbai to Raigad Fort sightseeing tour by private car today!

The medieval Raigad Fort is located around 25 kilometers from Mahad town in Maharashtra’s Raigad district. It used to be the capital of the exalted Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji. It is located at a height of 2,700 feet above sea level and may be reached by climbing a set of 1700+ stairs up to the summit of the fort. You can also enjoy a five-minute ropeway trip to reach the Raigad Fort. Shivaji succeeded Chandrarao More, a descendant of Chandragupta Maurya’s clan, as ruler of Raigad Fort. After being seized by Aurangzeb, it was stolen and destroyed by the British overlords.

The fort also houses the samadhis, or final resting places, of Chhatrapati Shivaji and his devoted companion dog, Waghya. However, due to the ravages of time and assaults throughout the years, Raigad Fort is now nearly in ruins.

You can imagine the grandeur and valor of the powerful Maratha king as you walk through the staggering ruins of the fort. The captivating recounting of the events, by the guides, surrounding Shivaji’s stay in the fort and his accomplishments evoke awe in the listener.

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Overview of 1 Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Tour

One Day Raigad Fort Trip from Mumbai by Car

On your one day Mumbai to Raigad Fort sightseeing tour in a private car, you will be picked up by a professional local driver from your place of accommodation in Mumbai. The distance between Mumbai and Raigad Fort is 160 kilometers and the journey will take around 4 hours so we will start early.

Upon reaching Raigad Fort, you can enjoy a ropeway ride to Raigad fort or trek to the summit. You can witness the construction site of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Smarak.

After reaching the Raigad Fort you can explore the architecture and natural scenery around it. The mighty fort is stern with stories of the valor of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Meghdambari is a major tourist attraction in the Raigad Fort as it was the spot where the brave Hindu King was crowned.

We will also visit the temples in the fort, namely, Jagdishwar Temple and Shirkai Temple. You can seek the blessings of the almighty and observe the rituals followed by the locals. Next, you can enjoy adventure activities and photography at Takmak Point. It offers stunning views of the Sahyadri ranges. We will end our day after capturing fun memories and head back to your accommodation in Mumbai.

Highlights of One Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Trip

  • Full-day Mumbai to Raigad Local Sightseeing Tour
  • Duration: 12 to 15 hours
  • Tour by Private Cab (not shared with others)
  • Pickup & Drop: Mumbai Hotel / Home
  • Places Covered: Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Smarak, Raigad Fort, Meghdambari, Jagdishwar Temple, Shirkai Temple, and Takmak Point.

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Package Price for 1 Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Sightseeing Tour Package by Cab

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Book this 1 Day Raigad Sightseeing Tour Package from Mumbai!

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1 Day Itinerary of Raigad Fort Local Sightseeing Tour from Mumbai

Pickup from your Home / Hotel in Mumbai at 7:00 AM

S.NoSightseeing PlaceRecommended Duration
1Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Smarak40 minutes
2 Raigad Fort90 minutes
3Meghdambari30 minutes
4Jagdishwar Temple30 minutes
5Shirkai Temple30 minutes
6Takmak Point60 minutes

Drop back at your Home / Hotel in Mumbai by 9:00 PM

PLEASE NOTE: Guests can visit all the Raigad tourism places listed above or remove any of the places that they don’t want to visit. Inclusion of any other sightseeing place not listed above is normally not permitted. However guests can check with their cab provider if any exceptions possible, while booking this Mumbai to Raigad Fort sightseeing tour by private car.

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One Day Places to Visit in Raigad with a Private Car from Mumbai

1. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Smarak

Visit Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Smarak with One Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Sightseeing Tour by Cab
  • Must See / Things to Do: Witness the grand site of the Smarak.
  • Timings: Under construction
  • Entry Fee: Free

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Smarak, also known as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial, is a monument dedicated to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He was a 17th-century Indian warrior king and founder of the Maratha Empire. The monument is situated along the shore of the Arabian Sea. The memorial is scheduled to be finished in October 2022, though we can witness the work in progress. 

The project’s finished concept will comprise visitor center buildings, a memorial garden, a library, a food court, and a conference center with seating for roughly 10,000 people. There will also be a museum, exhibition gallery, amphitheater, and hospital at the monument. The memorial will include scale models of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s forts.

The memorial would be accessible through a boat jetty, helicopter, and a Mumbai Metro extension spur. After reviewing different ropeway and metro rail options, a 1.2 km underwater metro rail link from Cuffe Parade on Mumbai Metro Line 3 was chosen to connect the Shiv Smarak.

The statue would be erected 1.5 kilometers distant on an artificial island of rocks overlooking Mumbai’s Girgaum Chowpatty beach. The overall height of the statue will be 210 m (690 ft) from the base of the pedestal to the tip of the warrior king’s sword.

2. Raigad Fort

Visit Raigad Fort with One Day Mumbai to Raigad Sightseeing Tour by Cab
  • Must See / Things to Do: Explore the history and culture of the Marathas. 
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Indians INR 20 per person and foreigners INR 250 per person. Ropeway charges for adults INR 325 per person, children (height 3 to 4 ft) INR 225 per child, and senior citizens INR 225 per person

Raigad Fort is a hill fort in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is renowned as one of the most powerful fortifications on the Deccan Plateau. Shivaji erected several structures and projects in Raigad, with the help of his Chief Engineer Hirojee Indulkar. The mighty Raigad Fort was constructed to bring to life his great vision of the Hindavi Swarajya. It was his capital after being anointed king of the Maratha state in 1674. Later he grew the Maratha Empire, eventually spanning much of western and central India.

The fort is located in the Sahyadri mountain range, 820 meters (2,700 feet) above sea level. Exquisitely chiseled out of the mountainous rocks, it has withstood many invasions. The historic monument is fondly referred to as Durgaraj (king of forts) and even Britishers had called it “Gibraltar of the East”.

It can be reached through an enthralling trek of roughly 1,737 stairs. You can also book a ride on the Raigad Ropeway, an aerial tramway that reaches 400 meters in height and 750 meters in length. It takes only four minutes to reach the fort from the ground and offers a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous surroundings.

3. Meghdambari

Visit Meghdambari with One Day Mumbai to Raigad Sightseeing Tour by Car
  • Must See / Things to Do: Visit Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s coronation spot
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Entry Fee: Free

A visit to Meghdambari on your one day Raigad Fort tour is all about remembering the Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s history. The Raigad Fort was constructed under the aegis of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Today, only the basic pillars of the main palace remain from its construction.

In the ruins of the main fort, you can witness the queen’s rooms and six chambers, each with its own private restroom. Furthermore, the remnants of three watchtowers can be seen just in front of the royal grounds, with only two remaining after the third was destroyed during a bombardment. 

The Raigad Fort also features the remnants of a market that horseback riders could reach. It also offers a view of the Ganga Sagar Lake, an artificial lake. Meghdambari is the place in Raigad fort where Shivaji Maharaj used to sit and used to address important meetings with all his people. The coronation of Shivaji Maharaj was also done here on 6th June 1674, the event is still celebrated at the same place. It is a great spot for trekkers and followers of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The local guides share much information about the palace’s history.

4. Jagdishwar Temple

Visit Jagdishwar Temple with One Day Mumbai to Raigad Sightseeing Tour by Car
  • Must See / Things to Do: See the marvelous architecture of the temple and offer prayers to Lord Shiva.
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week
  • Entry Fee: Free

The Jagdishwar Temple is located just beside the Raigad Fort Ropeway. It is accessible post a 30-minute walk. Jagdhishwar temple has not been harmed by the Mughals and sustained through the British Raj. 

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple houses a Shivalinga and has a Nandi statue in front of it. The temple area is surrounded by a wall on all sides, and there are lots of rooms surrounding it. A tortoise is sculpted on the floor of the temple. You can witness the temple’s stunning construction.

A stone inscription on the temple’s exterior wall on the east side reads, “This splendid building of Jagdishwar, which offers delight to everybody, is erected on the word of Shivaji Maharaj on the auspicious Muhurat in Hindu year 1596. Hiroji, the architect, designed all of the wells, ponds, gardens, roads, pillars, monuments, and palaces. These will last till the sun and moon appear in the sky.” The Maharaja’s Samadhi is also located near the temple area. Your visit to Raigad Fort is incomplete unless you witness the architectural excellence of the Jagdishwar Temple and Samadhi.

5. Shirkai Temple

Visit Shirkai Devi Temple with One Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Sightseeing Tour by Taxi
  • Must See / Things to Do: Seek blessings of Goddess Shirkai.
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week
  • Entry Fee: Free

Shirkai Temple is another popular attraction of the Raigad Fort. It is situated in Achloli, on the route to Nagarkhana from Gangasagar Lake. Shirke was the Lord of Raigad in the 5th century, and the shrine of Goddess Shirkai can be visited during your one day sightseeing tour of Raigad Fort. 

Located on the western outskirts of Holi Cha Mal, the temple of Shirkai Bhavani is dedicated to the presiding deity of Raigad fort. The ruling deity, Shirkai is the temple’s highly linear stone idol of Mahishasurmardini. It is said to have been housed on the high stone pedestal placed on the southwest Holi Cha Mal before being relocated to its current site.

Worshiping Shri Shirkai Devi and donning Gondhal before the start of any program on Raigad is still practiced. Devotees come to this temple to obtain the blessings of salvation, wealth, and relief from diseases. You can offer prayers and seek the blessings of the goddess to gain knowledge.

6. Takmak Point

Visit Takmak Point with One Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Sightseeing Tour by Taxi
  • Must See / Things to Do: Enjoy the astounding panoramic views of the surroundings.
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week 
  • Entry Fee: Free

The Takmak Tok or Point is a high cliff in Raigad Fort. It is a place that you should not miss on your Mumbai to Rajgad sightseeing tour by cab. During Shivaji’s reign, this vantage point, which overlooks a valley 1200 feet deep, was strategically important. Takmak was the location from where traitors were spotted and executed. 

It is now a prominent tourist attraction in Raigad Fort. The natural setting is stunning, especially during the rainy season and winters. You can indulge in rappelling from a height of about 2850 feet high. The view of the Sahyadri Mountain ranges from TakMak Point is awe-inspiring. There is also a legend that Shivaji Maharaj used to come here early in the morning. He rang a large bell set up on the cliff to greet his mother who lived in Pachad village downstream. 

You will be enchanted by the area’s lovely weather, as you enjoy the cold breeze and low temperatures. The view from the summit is spectacular, and it allows photographers to capture the splendid natural beauty of the region.

Things to do on same day Raigad Fort trip from Mumbai by Car

The captivating Raigad Fort is a haven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The imposing fort allows you to dive into the history of the region while enjoying activities like hiking, trekking, and rappelling on this one day trip from Mumbai by taxi. You can also treat yourself to a scrumptious Maharashtrian street food experience at Raigad. Although shopping options are limited in the town, you can pick some unique souvenirs at the local shops.

What to Shop during your Same Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Trip by Cab?

You can shop at the malls in Raigad town. These cater to every need you might have while traveling. There are many gift shops in Raigad which sell customized gift baskets filled with articles related to the local culture. You can buy these gifts as a memento from your one day Mumbai to Raigad Fort sightseeing tour by private taxi or even gift these baskets to your friends back home. You can also splurge on antique shopping in Raigad. There are many small shops here that sell antique and local craftwork that you will find nowhere else.

What to Eat during your Same Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Trip by Car?

The local food in Raigad is dominated by Maharashtrian cuisine, with a mix of South and North Indian cuisine. Restaurants near Raigad Fort are well-known for their hot curries and fries. 

Misal Pav is a specialty of the town. You must try the spicy gravy of Misal made healthy using potatoes, peas, and various sprouts with fluffy Pav. For tasting an amazing combination of flavors you can try the authentic Maharashtrian thali and yummy seafood.

Package Inclusions

  • Pick and drop from Home / Hotel in Mumbai
  • Selected Cab for Raigad sightseeing from Mumbai as per the above Itinerary
  • Car Rent
  • Fuel Cost
  • Driver Allowance

Package Exclusions

  • Toll-gate Charges if any
  • Vehicle Parking Charges
  • Entry Ticket Fee at tourist places in Raigad
  • Breakfast, Lunch or any meal
  • Lodging / Accommodation in Raigad
  • Vehicle beyond the mentioned time duration
  • Vehicle beyond the designated tour route

Terms & Conditions

Travelers are requested to follow the given itinerary for 1 Day Mumbai to Raigad Fort Sightseeing tour package. Ideally this same day Raigad Fort tour package from Mumbai can not be customized, however if guests prefer to visit different set of places in Raigad Fort sightseeing tour, they can check the possibility of the same with the listed car rental companies and request for a custom quote.

The time spent on each Raigad tourist attraction is to be followed as per the Itinerary schedule. In case of any delays or additional time spent at a particular place, driver or car rental company will not be responsible to cover all the places mentioned in the itinerary.

Please also note that if a particular Raigad sightseeing place is closed on the scheduled day of the tour, it will not be covered from the list of sightseeing places. Please check the possibility of visiting an alternate place with cab vendor before you book the tour.


Is there any possibility to add / remove tourist places in this Mumbai to Raigad Fort sightseeing tour?

Ideally, no. However you can check with listed Mumbai cab vendors before booking the tour on any possibility to customize the tour. Additional charges might apply.

Raigad Fort is an amazing destination to visit on a one day tour from Mumbai by cab. Explore the Maratha history with your friends and family while having fun at the same time. The natural abundance of the Western Ghats adds to the beauty of Raigad Fort.

Booking a one day Mumbai to Raigad Fort sightseeing tour by private car will allow you to have a relaxed trip. It is affordable if you are traveling with family or a group of friends. The service will include a pickup and drop-off at your door to add convenience to your trip. You can unwind as you enjoy the scenery along the route without any worry.


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