One Day Jodhpur Sightseeing Trip by Cab

1 Day Jodhpur Local Sightseeing Trip by Car
1 Day Jodhpur Local Sightseeing Trip by Car (courtesy: setu-chhaya)

The city of Jodhpur is also known as “Gateway to Thar” and is popular with the tourists for Mehrangarh Fort, blue houses, temples and the local cuisine and while there is a lot to explore, we make sure to cover the top tourism places in our one day Jodhpur Local sightseeing city tour by private car!

Mehrangarh Fort looms over the city and is an architectural masterpiece that ranks among the most magnificent and largest forts in Rajasthan. The city is called the Blue City since it dazzles with blue in an aerial view because of its blue walls and blue houses.

Other than the fort, you may also visit the numerous temples, lakes and shopping streets that are sprinkled all over the city to remind you of the glorious long-gone eras.

Jodhpur has also served as the location for famous Hollywood movies such as The Dark Knight Rises. Jaswant Thada and Umaid Bhawan Palace also draw thousands of tourists every week from all over the world.

Although Jodhpur is developing as a modern metropolis, yet the real charm of the city lies in the old blue city, where the magic can be experienced in small shops, guesthouses and eating joints at the landmark clock tower and Sardar Market.

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Highlights of Jodhpur City Tour by Cab

  • Full-day Jodhpur Local Sightseeing Tour
  • Duration: 8 to 10 hours
  • Tour by Private Cab (not shared with others)
  • Pickup & Drop: Jodhpur Hotel / Home
  • Places Covered: Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Sardar Government Museum, Mandore Gardens, and Old City Clock Tower.

Package Price for 1 Day Jodhpur Local Sightseeing

Hyundai i20 Hatchback Car for One Day Trip
i20 / Indica
4 Seater / Hatchback

₹ 2,999/-

Honda Amaze Sedan Car for One Day Trip
Amaze / Etios / Dzire
4 Seater / Sedan

₹ 3,499/-

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga SUV Car for One Day Trip
Maruti Ertiga
6-7 Seater / SUV

₹ 4,499/-

Toyota Innova Crysta SUV Car for One Day Trip
Toyota Innova Crysta
6-7 Seater / SUV

₹ 5,099/-

Tempo Traveller Mini Van for One Day Trip
Tempo/ Force Traveller
12 Seater / LCV

₹ 7,499/-

Mini Bus for One Day Trip
Mini Bus
12-22 Seater / LCV

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Good to know

What’s included

  • Pick and drop from Hotel / Home in Jodhpur
  • Cab for Jodhpur sightseeing as per the above Itinerary
  • Vehicle Parking Charges
  • Toll-gate Charges if any
  • Driver Batta

What’s not included

  • Entry Ticket Fee at tourist places in Jodhpur
  • Breakfast, Lunch or any meal
  • Lodging / Accommodation in Jodhpur
  • Vehicle beyond the mentioned time duration
  • Vehicle beyond the designated tour route

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What to Expect on your Jodhpur Sightseeing Tour

What to expect with Jodhpur Sightseeing Tour by Private Car

The best time to visit the sightseeing places in Jodhpur is during the cool of the winter months, especially from November to February. Try to avoid this city at any time later than March as the temperature is only bound to rise after then.

Jodhpur local sightseeing tour by a private car will take you through Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Sardar Government Museum, Mandore Gardens and shopping at the old city clock tower. We bring you total ease of mind and comfort along with complete value for money.
All the private cabs from our vendors are safe, GPS empowered, roomy and lacking any overtime fines and other hidden expenses.

Itinerary of One Day Jodhpur Sightseeing Trip

Pickup from your Hotel in Jodhpur at 9:00 AM

S.NoSightseeing PlaceRecommended Duration
1Mehrangarh Fort120 minutes
2 Jaswant Thada60 minutes
3Umaid Bhawan Palace90 minutes
4Sardar Government Museum50 minutes
5Mandore Gardens40 minutes
6Old City Clock Tower40 minutes

Drop back at your Hotel in Jodhpur by 6:30 PM

PLEASE NOTE: Guests can visit all the Jodhpur tourism places listed above or remove any of the places that they don’t want to visit. Inclusion of any other sightseeing place not listed above is normally not permitted. However guests can check with their cab provider if any exceptions possible, while booking this Jodhpur local sightseeing tour by private car.

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Places to visit in Jodhpur in one day by private car

In our same day Jodhpur local sightseeing trip you and your family will be visiting the following sites of interest :

1. Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

1 Day Jodhpur Local Sightseeing Tour by Car Mehrangarh Fort
Mehrangarh Fort

The most essential part of the Jodhpur local sightseeing tour, the Mehrangarh Fort was built by Rao Jodha in 1459. This fort qualifies as one of the largest forts in India. Located atop a 410 feet elevated hill, the fort is guarded by massive walls on all sides.

Mehrangarh Fort is located right in the centre of the city and covers an area of approximately 5 KM of the hill. To reach the fort, tourists have to go through seven gates – namely Victory Gate, Fateh Gate, Gopal Gate, Bhairon Gate, Dedh Kamagra Gate, Marti Gate and Loha Gate.

Loha Gate is adorned with sharp iron spikes which would protect the kingdom from enemies and their elephants. Also, on the walls of the gate are the handprints of Maharaja Man Singh widows who are said to have left the palace in 1843 to commit Sati.

Inside the fort, you will be greeted by magnificent palaces like Sheesh Mahal and Phool Mahal which will leave you overwhelmed. The glorious fort and its palaces were built over a period of 500 years, and thus the monument displays a wide range of styles from the mid 15th century to the 20th century that you can experience with this one day Jodhpur trip.

There are several dazzlingly crafted rooms like Moti Mahal, Phool Mahal, Daulat Khana, Sheesh Mahal and Sileh Khan. Mehrangarh Fort is also home to Mehrangarh Museum that houses six galleries, namely- Elephant’s Howdahs, Palanquins, Daulat Khana, Armoury, Paintings and the Turban Gallery.

Other tourist attractions that you can visit with this one day trip is within the fort include National Geological Monument, Nagnechi Mataji Temple, Chamunda Temple and Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park.

The elaborate carvings on the walls of the fort, the expansive courtyards, its remarkable history, outstanding palaces, museums and galleries pull tourists from all over the world.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Visit the souvenir shop inside the fort and check out some locally crafted products.

2. Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur

1 Day Jodhpur Local Sightseeing Tour by Car Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur
Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada is Jodhpur’s very own marble marvel and you may also know it as the ‘Taj Mahal of Mewar’. Surrounded by lush green trees and balanced on the banks of Jaswant Lake, Jaswant Thada is a must-visit destination in our 1 day Jodhpur city tour. The commemoratives and domes are carved in intricate and traditional Rajasthani architectural styles.

Jaswant Thada is named after Maharaja Jaswant Singh II. This magnificent monument was built by his son Maharaja Sardar Singh in the year 1899. The building is made of pure white marble and has still retained its original colour.

Jaswant Thada also houses some rare paintings of the previous rulers of Mewar which you can experience with this Jodhpur day tour. The cenotaphs are built of white marble and are contrasted in red with the steps leading up to the monument.

The shallow lake of Jaswant Thada was used for performing rituals for the deceased but is now home to several water birds.The memorials built inside the monument are handsomely adorned with some extravagant artwork that is bound to leave every visitor enthralled.

While the entire building is constructed in traditional Rajasthani style, the cupolas are inspired from some of the most artistic styles of Mughal architecture – a stunning reminder of the Rajputana styles blending with Mughal patterns in architectural trends. And is located on a hilly area.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Spent a few moments listening to the local musicians and folk singers who sit on the steps of the monument and charm you with traditional Rajasthani melodies.

3. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

1 Day Jodhpur Local Sightseeing Tour by Car Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur
Umaid Bhawan Palace

A delightful combination of a regal past and a charming present, Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace also serves as a luxury hotel which offers a taste of royal splendour to all its clientele.

Apart from being a heritage hotel, this architectural wonder also hosts a wide range of activities such as heritage walks and remarkable dining experiences. The palace was built in the year 1943 and is still the home to the royal family of Jodhpur. In our one day Jodhpur sightseeing tour, we make sure to give an ample amount of time here to explore the entire complex.

The palace is one of the largest private residences in the world and is currently occupied by Raja Gaj Singh and his family. The other parts of the palace have been converted into a museum which displays a rich collection of photographs, arms, clocks and other valuables of the royal family.

The palace was constructed in Beaux Arts style and has two wings. Golden yellow sandstone, Makrana marble and Burmese Teak wood have been used for the intricate carpentry on the inside of the palace. The palace also has several courtyards and a banquet hall with a seating capacity of 300 people.

Within the palace you will find a throne chamber, an exclusive private meeting hall, a Durbar Hall, a vaulted banquet hall, swimming pool and spa, private dining halls, two unique marble squash courts, a ball room, a library, a billiards room, four tennis courts, and long corridors.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Take a walk through the beautiful garden outside wherein you will some exotic varieties of flora.

4. Sardar Government Museum

1 Day Jodhpur Local Sightseeing Tour by Car Sardar Government Museum
Sardar Government Museum

Sardar Government Museum is a great way to peek into the royal traditions and lavish lifestyle of the Jodhpur royal families. This museum is located inside Umaid public gardens and was erected in 1909 and is a must visit with our one day Jodhpur local city tour by private car. The museum was built under the rule of Maharaja Umed Singh Ji, and the chief architecture was Henry Vaughan Lanchester.

The Government Museum houses around 400 sculptures, 10 antique inscriptions, thousands of miniature paintings, terracotta artwork, ancient coins, metallic objects, arms, stone sculptures, inscriptions and other miscellaneous objects which are of immense economic and cultural value.

Within the museum complex there is also a library and a zoo. A separate gallery is dedicated to military memorabilia which exhibits tools, weapons, memorials, brass and wooden artillery. This museum is a special favourite among art enthusiasts. Sardar Government Museum remains closed on Fridays.

  • Must see \ Things to do: Check out the miniature paintings, as they are some of the more detailed and exquisite art you will ever see.

5. Mandore Gardens, Jodhpur

1 Day Jodhpur Local Sightseeing Tour by Car Mandore Gardens, Jodhpur
Mandore Gardens

The next spot in the Jodhpur local sightseeing package, the village of Mandore is located about 10 KM north of Jodhpur. It used to be the capital of Maharajas of Marwar but was later abandoned for security concerns regarding the Mehrangarh Fort.

Mandore Gardens high rock terrace is a must see local attraction. Mandore garden houses memorials of Jodhpuri kings. As an alternative to the umbrella-shaped monuments typical of Mewari style, the monuments of the famous Mandore garden resemble that of a Hindu temple.

These memorials are four stories high, with fine columns and a graceful spire, all built of red sandstone. The cenotaphs of the maharanis are set on a rocky ridge over the hill.

Adjacent to the cenotaphs is the hall of heroes. This hall is devoted to various deities and Rajput folk heroes. The statues of the deities and heroes are carved in of rock and decorated in bright colours.

In this garden you will also find “The Shrine of the Three Hundred Million Gods” that is filled with beautifully decorated images of various Hindu Gods.

  • Must see \ Things to do: A short climb up the hill will bring you to the ruined city of Mandore, where you may also visit the old palace.

6. Shopping at Old City Clock Tower

1 Day Jodhpur Local Sightseeing Tour by Car Shopping at Old City Clock Tower
Old City Clock Tower

The clock tower of Jodhpur is almost a hundred years old and was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh. It now serves as an important landmark of the old city. The tower is surrounded by the vivacious sounds, wonders and smells of Sardar Market.

The market itself is manifested by triple gateways at its northern and southern ends. The narrow, twisting lanes of the old city spread out in every direction from this point.

The western part of the market is the old city’s commercial centre that is crowded by narrow alleys and bazaars selling vegetables, spices, sweets, silver and handicrafts. You can shop to your heart’s satisfaction as you will have our private taxi to put all your shopping bags in!

Terms & Conditions

Travelers are requested to follow the given itinerary for 1 Day Jodhpur Local Sightseeing tour package. Ideally this 1 day Jodhpur city tour package can not be customized, however if guests prefer to visit different set of places in Jodhpur city tour, they can check the possibility of the same with the listed car rental companies and request for a custom quote.

The time spent on each Jodhpur tourist attraction is to be followed as per the Itinerary schedule. In case of any delays or additional time spent at a particular place, driver or car rental company will not be responsible to cover all the places mentioned in the itinerary.

Please also note that if a particular Jodhpur sightseeing place is closed on the scheduled day of the tour, it will not be covered from the list of sightseeing places. Please check the possibility of visiting an alternate place with cab vendor before you book the tour.


Is there any possibility to add / remove tourist places in this Jodhpur local sightseeing tour?

Ideally, no. However you can check with listed Jodhpur cab vendors before booking the tour on any possibility to customize the tour. Additional charges might apply.

A quick one day local sightseeing trip to Jodhpur could very well turn out to be a great getaway for all you historical and art buffs out there. Let us help you in planning the trip of a lifetime!


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