One Day Delhi to Haridwar Trip by Cab

1 Day Delhi to Haridwar Trip by Car
1 Day Delhi to Haridwar Trip by Car

The ancient city of Haridwar is one of the seven most sacred cities of India. Its proximity to the capital city, Delhi makes it easy accessible. Most tourists often opt for the One Day Delhi to Haridwar Trip by Car.

Nestled in the Shivalik ranges of Uttarakhand, this temple town is known to wash away one’s sins. It is said that drops of “Amrit” (Nectar of immortality) were dropped here by ‘Garuda’, the ‘vahana’ (vehicle) of Lord Vishnu.

Haridwar name has been derived from two words ‘Hari’ meaning Lord Vishnu and ‘Dwar’ meaning Gateway. Hence, it means ‘Gateway to Lord Vishnu’, which is referred to as Badrinath, one of the four ‘char dhams’ that houses one of the most famous temples of Lord Vishnu.

Delhi, the capital city which is every traveller’s delight is loved by all for its glittering Mughal monuments, beautiful temples, small lanes, and the endless options of gorging on street food, Delhi brings a different kind of joy every time you visit it.

What attracts most travellers is its easy accessibility to various pilgrimage destinations, hill stations, adventure camps and so much more. The most popular amongst various spiritual-minded is the One Day Delhi to Haridwar Trip by Car.

Thousands of tourists visit Haridwar every day from Delhi to take a dip in the Ganges river to purify themselves and to atone them of their sins. Lakhs of tourists perform the same ritual during the Kumbh Meal which happens in Haridwar once in twelve years. It is said that by doing so, one can attain salvation.

Many people even visit Haridwar to perform the last rites of their loved ones and immerse their ashes using an earthen pot in the Ganges river. This is supposed to be the most sacred way of releasing the remains of the deceased.

Its holy and spiritual aura makes our Delhi to Haridwar one day trip by cab a preferred choice amongst tourists.

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What to expect

The distance between Delhi to Haridwar is approximately 220 km and it will take us approximately 4.5 – 5 hours to cover the distance by road. Our cab will pick you from your place of accommodation in Delhi around sunrise and will take the NH334 to reach Haridwar.

Our Haridwar day tour would begin by first visiting the Chandi Devi Temple and Mansa Devi Temple, both of which are nestled on a hilltop and can be accessed via a ropeway. Apart from their religious significance, these temples are also popular for providing scenic views.

Further, we will visit the Maya Devi Temple where the navel of Lord Sati had fallen. Next on our itinerary is the Bharat Mata Mandir which is a temple dedicated to Mother India. From here we will visit the Shantikunj Ashram to seek spiritual guidance.

And our last place of interest during our 1 Day Delhi to Haridwar Trip by private cab would be Har Ki Pauri where we will attend the evening Aarti which is one of the most divine experiences one can have in Haridwar. We will then depart for Delhi and our cab will drop you to your place of origin.

Package Price for 1 Day Delhi to Haridwar Sightseeing by Cab

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i20 / Tata Indica
4 Seater / Hatchback

₹ 7,499/-

Honda Amaze Sedan Car for One Day Trip
Amaze / Etios / Dzire
4 Seater / Sedan

₹ 7,999/-

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga SUV Car for One Day Trip
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Toyota Innova SUV Car for One Day Trip
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Toyota Innova Crysta SUV Car for One Day Trip
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5-6 Seater / SUV

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Tempo Traveller Mini Van for One Day Trip
Tempo/ Force Traveller
12 Seater / LCV

₹ 14,999/-

Mini Bus for One Day Trip
Mini Bus
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Places to visit during your One Day Delhi to Haridwar Trip by Car

1. Chandi Devi Temple

Nestled at an altitude of 9,500 feet in the Neel Parvat of the Shivalik hills is the Chandi Devi Temple dedicated to Goddess Chandi. The idol of the presiding goddesses was built in the 8th century by a well known holy priest, Adi Shankaracharya. However, the main temple complex was only built in 1929 by the then reigning King of Kashmir.

It is recommended for one to take the Darshan of Goddess Chandi as it is said that she fulfils the desires of those visiting the temple. Do take Darshan tickets in advance to avoid huge lines.

One can either trek a distance of 3 km to reach the temple or the more convenient way is to take a ropeway. During our one day Delhi to Haridwar tour, one can take a ropeway to reach the Chandi Devi Temple. One can also experience spectacular views of the town of Haridwar during this ride.

  • Things To Do: Do enjoy the view of Ganges and Rajaji Tiger Reserve from the Chandi Mata Temple, both of which are on either side.
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week from 6 am to 8 pm.
  • Entrance Fee: Free (Not inclusive of Ropeway charges)
  • Recommended Duration: 1 Hour

2. Mansa Devi Temple

Striking close resemblance to Chandi Devi Temple is the Mansa Devi Temple which is located on the peak of the Bilwa Parvat.

Mansa literally means wish, and it said that the presiding Goddess, Mansa Devi fulfils the wishes of anybody who arrives at her temple with a pious heart. Most people tie a thread to a tree inside the temple and return to the temple to untie the thread when their wishes are fulfilled.

There are two main idols, one has eight arms and the other one has three heads and five arms. Many devotees also offer garlands and coconuts here.

  • Things To Do: Being on top of a hill, one can get an aerial view of Haridwar and the river Ganges. 
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week from 5 am to 8 pm.
  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Recommended Duration: 1 Hour

3. Maya Devi Temple 

Next on our one day trip to Haridwar from Delhi is the famous Maya Devi temple. It is one of the oldest temples of Haridwar, Maya Devi Temple is dedicated to the three-headed and four-armed  Goddess Maya. In fact, Haridwar was previously known by the name of Mayapuri, named after Goddess Maya.

Despite being small and tucked away in the cramped lanes of Haridwar, this temple is well known for its religious importance. It is one of the 51 Shakthi peeth and it is here that the navel of Goddess Sati fell and as such it has become an important temple.

Along with the idols of Goddess Maya, one can also find the idols of Goddess Kali and Goddess Kamakya in the main shrine. Alongwith are also a metal idol of Chamunda Devi and a small shrine dedicated to Goddess Sheetala Devi.

  • Things To Do: One can offer Goddess Maya garland, flowers and prasad which can be bought from outside the temple. 
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week from  6:30 AM – 12:00 PM, 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Recommended Duration: 20 Minutes

4. Bharat Mata Mandir

Unlike the other temples, Bharat Mata Mandir is not dedicated to any God or Goddess. Instead, it is dedicated to Mother India and was created to symbolise the “vision of a unified motherland”. This temple that celebrates the cultural diversity of the country was inaugurated by Late Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi.

Many history students often travel from Delhi to Haridwar for one day to visit this 180 feet tall temple. It has a total of 8 floors and each floor is dedicated to a specific theme.

First floor: It has a huge 3D map of India. On its side is a statue of a four-armed Hindu Goddess.

Second Floor: Named as the ‘Shoor Temple’, It boasts of the statues of prominent freedom fighters who died fighting for the country. Some notable statues are of Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Rani Laxmi Bai amongst many more.

Third Floor: Named as the ‘Matra Mandir’, the third floor has statues of all motherly women figures such as Meera Bai, Savitri etc.

Fourth Floor: Named as the ‘Sant Mandir’, the third floor has statues of celebrated saints such as Kabir, Tulsi Das, Gautam Buddha, Sai Baba etc.

Fifth Floor: This floor depicts various epic moments of Hindu mythology. Various notable episodes from Ramayana and Mahabharata are depicted here.

Sixth Floor: Named as the ‘Shakti Temple’, this floor has idols of Indian Goddess such as Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvathi, etc.

Seventh Floor: This floor is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his incarnations.

Eighth Floor: This floor has a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva with the backdrop of the Himalayas.

  • Things To Do: Visit each of the floors to take you through the different eras of Indian history & mythology. 
  • Timings: Open on all days of the week from 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Recommended Duration: 1 Hour

5. Shantikunj Ashram

When in Haridwar, one must try to connect with their soul and the divine power,  spiritually. Shantikunj Ashram helps you in achieving that. This world-renowned Ashram is the headquarter of All World Gayatri Pariwar (AWGP).

It helps people take the right path to happiness and as such has gained over a million followers. Their concept is based on a futuristic society which is governed by the principles of human unity and equality.

Even though most people who visit the ashram take lodging services here, many tourists also take short trips to the ashram to visit the Gayatri Mata Mandir, Bhatka Hua Devta and Sapt Rishi Place which are nestled within the ashram complex.

  • Things To Do: One can indulge in a meal at their Bhojanalay which serves Satvik food, which is free from any chemicals.
  • Timings: Open all-day
  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Recommended Duration: 1 Hour

6. Har Ki Pauri

The last destination in our One Day Delhi to Haridwar Trip by Car would be Har Ki Pauri. Literally meaning the Footstep of God, it is the most sacred Ghats of Haridwar, since it is said that Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu had visited the ghats. This spot is known as the Brahma Kund. It is also where the Ganges river that originates from the western Himalayas joins the plains.

Within a few minutes of entering the ghats, one can sense serenity and a calming environment. One can take a holy dip in the Ganges river to purify themselves of their sins. There are changing rooms available for women to facilitate this.

At the Brahma Kund, we will attend the evening aarti which is a soulful experience and a must thing to do when in Haridwar. The aarti is dedicated to Ganges river and is performed by various saints.

One can hear Sanskirt chants which is followed by the ‘Ganga Lahari’, a poem with praises of the Ganges river. Crowds join the pundits in its recitation with fire bowls (diyas) in their hands which are later floated on the river symbolising hope.

  • Things To Do: Watch thousands of people praying in hope and belief during the evening aarti that happens around sunset. 
  • Timings: Open all-day
  • Entrance Fee: Free
  • Recommended Duration: 1 Hour

What to Eat

Haridwar is an Indian street food lover’s paradise. One can find various shops & restaurants selling piping hot snacks like Samosa, Kachori, Papri Chaat, etc. One must indulge in a plateful of Aaloo Puri, their signature dish, that you can get customised as per your taste and preference.

If you are somebody who enjoys spicy food, do devour their lip-smacking chhole-bhature. For somebody with a sweet tooth (or not), do gorge on Indian sweets like Jalebi, Halwa, Rabri that are Made with pure ghee.

Do note that non-vegetarian and alcohol is strictly prohibited in Haridwar. However, its rich variety in mouth-watering vegetarian delicacies is sure to leave you craving for more.

What to Shop

One can find various shops selling plastic bottles of various sizes so that travellers can carry the holy water of Ganga (Gangajal) back home. Additionally, most shops are also selling idols of various gods & goddesses, Stone Shaligrams which are representative of Lord Vishnu, Rudraksha, Brass Puja Items, KumKum and Religious & Spiritual Books.

Additionally, Haridwar is also famous for its pickles & murabba, sandalwood and ayurvedic herbs which have medicinal properties which are purchased by most tourists during their Haridwar sightseeing trip.

Haridwar is the most visited destination of Uttarakhand and thousands of tourists flock here every day in the hope of salvation. Take a cab from Delhi to Haridwar with a professional driver who can ensure a comfortable trip.

Having a driver will ensure that you do not have to worry about driving and finding a place to park the car in the tiny lanes of the city. Our fleet of cabs from will ensure your journey is soulful and convenient.


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